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275 rigby vs 7x57

Ruger has been doing runs of handsome .275 Rigby marked hunting rifles, and the .275 Rigby is nothing more than a 7x57 with a catchy Irish name used for marketing it to the Empire. The British firm Rigby, hesitant about adopting a German cartridge, renamed their rifles and ammunition under the designation .275 Rigby (1899). Wenige Patronen in der Geschichte der modernen Feuerwaffen haben unsere Schießwelt so sehr beeinflusst wie die 7x57 mm Mauser. The actual bullet diameters are .264" (6.5mm), .277" (.270) and .284" (7mm). I bought both rifles on the spot for my godson, Mark.” Bob was referring to my son Mark, who was 4 years old at the time. By the 1920’s the 7x57 had been adopted by both British and American rifle and ammunition manufacturers. Basically, the 7x57 mauser and 275 Rigby are the same cartridge. Die 7x57 Mauser, die 1892 von. Jim Corbett used his for leopards and tigers over bait, but went to a .450/400 (if I remember correctly) for stalking man eaters. Sometimes the British made subtle load or bullet weight differences and changed the names and yes, military names are not always as marketable as proprietary names. loads. This has been true since the days of Bell and Corbett, and remains true today. Rigby .275 by Dorleac&Dorleac Q: Can you offer some suggestions regarding handloading for a rifle I'm having built? I would say the 308 is a better overall round (we are splitting hairs here though). Re: 7x57 & 275 Rigby [ Re: huffmanite ] #8750415 04/05/14 16 0 0. Of that total, about 800 were killed using the Rigby-Mauser chambered in .275 Rigby with 173-grain round-nose military ammunition. 275 Rigby 140 gr InterLock® SP Item #8070 | 20/Box . Hornady has teamed with Ruger and is now offering a .275 Rigby factory load—a 140-grain softpoint—as well as properly marked virgin cartridge cases. The practical side says stock material doesn’t matter. The .275R above will be .275 Rigby, the 'anglicised' version of the the 7mm Mauser. Going into a store to get ammo you will have more 308 offerings. The new Rigby Highland Stalker is patterned after old British stalking rifles, but adapted for scope use. I laid it away on an impulse. I recently picked up this box of Rigby 275, and was a little disappointed by the Roth headstamped rounds inside. His tally of elephants was 1,011. Well, its marked this, but .275 Rigby sounds much more exotic: I had no intention of buying such a thing. The 175-grain loads have actually received a bit of a boost over the years, with muzzle velocities in excess of 2400 fps, and are as effective, if … Produced by the John Rigby & Sons Company, the Rigby .275 is a takedown rifle: simply lift on the shotgun-style forward release, and the little rifle falls away in two pieces for easy travel. The 275 Rigby in most cases is a 7x57 Mauser. expanding bullets at higher velocity than the old 173 gr. 7x57R will be a rimmed version generally for use in break-action rifles and combination guns or drillings. Rigby still makes a couple models available in .275 Rigby and occasionally a used rifle will turn … For what it is worth, we have a 275 Rigby ( 7 x 57 ) and a 275 H&H, and feel we get more bang for our buck with the H&H They are both old calibers but because of Bell the Rigby is by far a more recognizable caliber. The bore on a .275 Rigby early on was supposed to be .287 as opposed to .284 with the 7x57. The 7x57, 7mm Mauser and .275 Rigby are the same cartridge. The 7x57mm Mauser, which he called the .275 Rigby, became his favorite elephant cartridge! For that reason it was decided to model the Highland Stalker on the look of the original .275 Rigby, which was the ubiquitous rifle of its time. (The British, however, called it the .275 Rigby, probably due to them “owning” so much of the world.) The caliber is hardly considered a dangerous-game round, but … The dealer said it had been there for quite a while. Muir, I didn't mean it was the swede, just that the 6.5 in various guises was being sold around the British Empire, as was the 7x57 (.275 Rigby). 9 responses. But early dimension data on the two cartridges did have a very minor difference....what I do not recall. There are quite a few "fine" guns made in 275 Rigby AKA 7x57 But production guns not so much. Lipsey's Aaron Keating and Jason Cloessner breakdown the Lipsey's Exclusive Ruger M77 African chambered in 275 Rigby launched in August 2017. There are some, but the options are fairly limited, and fewer in numbers. It will be chambered for the calibre I've always dreamed of owning after reading books by Karamojo Bell and Jim Corbett - the .275 Rigby. He was a good shot though and could brain shoot an elephant from almost any angle. Products listed on our website are in stock and ready to ship. Brad Knapp says: July 6, 2020 at 3:22 AM Well done, Craig. Jan 3, 2008 #1 . vikram Member. Rigby didn't develop the round, didn't adopt it first, didn't have any involvement in the development of the rifles and actions used with it and so it's simply not a 'Rigby cartridge', it's the 7x57. Whilst it's obviously an unpopular opinion, I really don't get this .275 Rigby nonsense. If a short action is all you have then the 7-08 will duplicate what the 7x57 will do and work fine. It is not interchangeable with the standard 7x57 … He killed the vast majority of 1000+ elephants with the 7x57 under the guise of the 275 Rigby. A cartridge designation with R incorporated in it i.e. Honestly, I'd go 30-06. Millions of successful hunts have proven the accuracy and deadly effect of the famous Hornady ® InterLock, ® SST, ® InterBond ® and GMX ® bullets we load into Hornady ® Custom™ rifle ammunition.. Every round of Hornady ® Custom™ ammunition is hand inspected before packaging to ensure the highest levels of quality control. Special deals on 275 Rigby ammo. He aimed for the brain and usually hit it. Bell used a Rigby-Mauser Model 98 when hunting for ivory. (Photo by Michael Anschuetz) The traditionalist side of me screams that a stalking rifle should be stocked in good wood. No Air Shipments Allowed! I guess the 7x57 would be the nostalgic choice the the 308 the modern choice. Must Be 18 years of age to order! The .275 Rigby (7×57) is an exceptionally versatile cartridge that seems effective far beyond what its paper ballistics might suggest. The case is an original design with a rimless, bottleneck type case that fits a .285 inch bullet on a .325 inch neck with a case length of 2.244 inches and overall length of 3.071 inches. My goal was simply to see how close I could come to matching the exterior ballistics of the 6.5 Creedmoor—the current darling of the long range and hunting crowd—and hopefully to best it in drop and/or wind drift. I would give a slight edge to the mauser for hunting and a slight edge to the 308 for the other 3 categories. We are more than happy to discuss bullet performance relating to 275 Rigby ammunition and bullet selection for your rifle. Nel calibro .275 Rigby, nuovo nome del 7x57, è camerata questa carabina che risale a quell’epoca d’oro dell’archibugeria britannica che va dal 1880 alla Prima guerra mondiale. The rimless 7x57 Mauser head reflects the switch to headspacing on the shoulder and the different extraction mechanics of the Mauser bolt-action repeater. I also got this Kynoch 7X57 box loaded with RWS made rounds: And was wondering about the ‘Mauser’ … Ammunition ships only via UPS or FedEx Ground. (The 7x57 was also known as the .275 Rigby because Mauser supplied bolt actions to British rifle builder Rigby, who sold them under their name and cartridge designation.) “The .275 Rigby you’re now holding and a double .450/400 by Jeffery. I was in one of my usual haunts when that tang safety caught my eye. This has pretty well been hashed over, but the .275 Rigby was the 7X57 loaded with a 140 gr. Built on a K98 Mauser action, the .275 Rigby cartridge was the British designation for the German 7×57. The 7x57, referred to as the 275 Rigby by the Brits, proved up to the task. <----- Will soon have a 1909 in 275 Rigby … When WDM "Karamojo" Bell wrote about killing something like 800 elephants, many with his .275 Rigby (7x57 Mauser), he helped elevate the 7x57 to legendary status. ... 7x57 was my first rifle, and it served me very well. Rigby .275 Rigby (7×57 Mauser), delivered 1898, Mauser serial 200, well documented and wonderfully restored by Steve Nelson John Rigby & Co. Mauser Sporting Best .275 Rigby (7x57mm Mauser). Curiously, Hornady offers 7x57 mm Mauser factory loads headstamped as both 7x57 mm and .275 Rigby—two of the many names by which the cartridge has been known. If you read Bell's books you will find the main reason for his liking of the 7x57 was because of the availability to him of the much more reliable (and cheaper) european ammunition for this rifle/calibre. I would go with a long action for the 7x57. but I have shot so many .275 Rigbys with 7x57 ammo and they all shot well that I really doubt that there is any difference..Perhaps one would get less pressure shooting 7x57s in a true .275 Rigby and more pressure shooting 275 Rigbys in his 7x57, don't … Bell used 173-grain FMJ bullets, and with a sectional density of .306, this cartridge was capable of impressive penetration despite its modest velocity. Supported by a factory letter, rifle number 1124 was shipped in 1898 with a 26-inch barrel, “Peep 3 and flush 1-2-300″ sights and is based on a Mauser 98 action with serial number 200. John Rigby and Company produced a number of rifles chambered in .275 Rigby (which is what the British called the 7mm Mauser) for British citizens hunting all over the globe. 7X57 (.275 Rigby) Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by vikram, Jan 3, 2008. With the Hornady Custom.275 Rigby load 140-grain load moving at 2680 fps, it will still retain over 1,000 ft-lbs at the 400-yard mark. It appeals to a different crowd, and is thus, more limited in its popularity. It was deadly on Africa’s Cape buffalo, hippo, and even elephant. throws flat-nosed, .458” diameter bullets weighing 300 to 405 grains rather slowly (2,000 to 1,300 fps MV at best.) But the 45-70 and 7x57 also have significant differences: The 45-70 Govt. After the phenomenal response to the commemorative Corbett rifle, Rigby realised there was a demand for vintage-looking rifles. Bell floored some 800 tuskers with his little 275 Rigby Mauser and 173-grain round-nose bullets. A caution. In .275 Rigby (7x57), this rifle proved accurate. Ivory hunter W.D.M. The 7x57mm Mauser was designed in 1893 by Paul Mauser and is also known as the 7mm Spanish Mauser, .275 Rigby, along with 7mm Mauser. I'm having a CZ 550 action fitted with a … We have a wide collection of quality ammunition for handgun ammo, rifle ammo, shotgun ammo & rimfire ammo, including a full line of 275 Rigby.

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