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can i use a toner after colour b4

This has all been over one month, my hair has shown no sign of damage or weakness which has been wonderful! But remember the hair is going to look very warm when you first remove it. Instead, I’d get all the tone out and then start by just using purple shampoos and perhaps something like Colour Restore Iced Platinum. Hello Scott, By contrast, toner, which is used in laser printers, is made up of a dry powder. So (firstly) what you want to do is clarify your hair, don’t condition but do dry it 100%. Next, apply Decolour Remover onto your daughter’s hair and it should get all the dark out. If you try and pour another box colour over your whole head, you run the risk of going brassier and creating a more artificial looking blonde shade, plus you will keep getting dark root straps appearing. After Colour Removing your Hair shaft is completely open, so it absorbs anything you put on your Hair. Desperately needing your advice. Next, mix up and apply Decolour Stripper to all the hair pulled through the cap. To help you decide which method to use, you need to know what each can do for your hair. This should remove any build-up from the hair. Please let me know if you have anymore questions. Colour B4 says not to use permanent dye until a week after, only a semi-permanent, because it can turn your hair very dark/black. Therefore, using the purple shampoo (as you considered) is a good idea, as it will kick out any lingering orange tone and get you to a good shade. But as stated initially, if you used a permanent purple, Decolour Remover will take this out without damage. Soap caps remove unwanted color and tones from hair in a quick 10-minute session. I have tried the Colour Remover today & the results are a dark red/wine colour & my hair is still as healthy & shiny – it’s a great product. After the bleach has taken effect, rinse out your hair to get rid of the rest of the bleach residue. I am sat here with colour b4 on my hair i done this a couple of days ago aswell and tge result was amazing but within 2 days im back to the choc brown i was before so here goes the second lot. This just was super copper and they formulated a light brown pearl to counteract the copper. If you feel the hair still has a green tinge (after the pink), just repeat the pink application again. In addition, applying the Colour Restore Ash Spray ‘Instant Toner Spray’ as your regular leave-in conditioner Ash Spray Instant Toner Spray will add further cool tone to the hair. I want to lighten it so that the white regrowth isn’t as obvious. I followed the instructions properly. I should add: I have Hypothyroidism which has meant I’ve lost about 30% of my hair in the last 5 years – twice ! Check out my article on the bicarb rinse and give your hair a few treatments with this. Then last night I used your Colour Stripper and I went back to a beautiful dark red. Toner can add a level of refinement to your highlights by blending and balancing them. You will be fine to re-colour your hair if you have waited 7 days and 3 washes since using the remover. Best Scott . For years I have had foils put in which lighten it significantly to be a light blonde but not to the extent of platinum. Thsnk you. However, once you remove the artificial colour, that lightning can be seen, and it often looks warm. This would indicate the semi-permanent colour has stained and is going to prove more problematic to take out. So here, you want to apply the stripper in panels from root to tip throughout the hair. Therefore, I would recommend you try a Bicarbonate of Soda Deep Cleanse as I describe in my article. Lottie! How many of these can I use safely to get a lighter red base to work with? I’ve been lightening to a light ash for 40 years, every 4-6 wks – so not seen my natural colour in decades ! This will pull through finner weaves of hair. In the first instance, get a good amount of the brown colour removed from the hair. Hi Lynnda, sorry for the delay in response. I would then like to put a pastel pink in it. However, always wait 7 days and 3 washes before you put any peroxide based products on the hair after using a hair colour remover. A stripper colour cleanse treatment can remove direct dye, but always strand test first to make sure the hair is healthy enough to withstand the treatment. Many people are very grey around the front and believe they are this silver colour throughout. I did buy a medium brown non permanent in preparation and applied it after using the second pack of Colour B4, but it didn’t blend my roots into the ends. It's very strawberry blonde now I would say. Best Scott, Hi Scott, Pastel shades like pale mint green hair or pastel blue hair generally require the two steps described above—lightening, followed by a toner overlay. I have naturally darkest brown hair & have got black dyed hair, with lots of build up over the years (including caramel high lift highlights). Hope this has helped anyone who is considering to use this product :) Please subscribe , like, and comment with your experiences. Nothing had happened at all, the strand was still they exact same colour as the surrounding hair. Do I go with the Cool Ash or Iced Platinum? A permanent colourant with a 10 volume developer is pretty gentle and whilst it cannot lighten it will cover natural white. What colours can I use on coppery hair? Best Scott, Hello just came across your colour remover in the supermarket so googled for reviews and come across this post… I have naturally blonde hair but have used box dyes (brown to now black) for a fair few years now would the colour remover work or would it be better to strip it? So I had quite a bit of root re-growth and tried to lighten the roots with Nice and Easy root touch up (blonde) and it went gingery. Best Scott, Hi Scott, If you applied a non-peroxide pastel pink on the un-toned yellow hair, it would go rose gold. I would say your hair will be fine to have at least one other stripping and the application of the permanent red shade. Next, (with the cap still on), rinse the stripper off the hair and use the conclude balm as instructed in the pack. After the above treatment, you can add further highlights if you want (to go lighter still). So you might need to build the neutralisation up. The key to successful hair colour is achieving a good base shade. This warmth then needs to be counteracted by a cool tone. Hi there, I need advice please. I usually strip my hair with this then get highlights put in while it was still orangey, and the highlights really lift the hair colour to a nice blonde x. I just used this on my hair to "lift" the many layers of dye. Hi Andrea, the hair is re-oxidizing and there are several reasons why this happens. Its now a patchy gingery/lilac almost, I need to know, if I use a colour remover and then a wella t18 toner will this work to bring me back to blonde? I want to go lighter again without warmth. I hope that helps. This will do two things, a) it will neutralise the warmth in the non highlighted hair but b) it will create a very cool ash in the highlighted hair. Colour B4 Frequent Use Hair Colour Remover, £9.99. There are other highlighting caps available, but the genuine Denman Magicap is the incredibly good and will not only give you excellent results, but the cap lasts for years if you remember (after each use) to firstly wash it in shampoo, hang it up to dry for 24 hours and then coat it in talc before storing it. Forum Member. However, I am mindful of your condition. When you apply a peroxide-based colourant to natural white/silver hair the peroxide tends to lighten the pure white (of the grey) to a light yellow. Extremely helpful advice. Once hair becomes damaged, it is then difficult to achieve a good colourant result, as the shade could grab initially and appear too dark or patchy, and then fade fast over subsequent washes. A quick tip I can give you is to keep a mug of salt water by you as you rinse and midway run this through the hair. As you have said, using a Metallic colour will help transition you. Best Scott, Hi, I have medium length hair and have been dying it dark brown/ black for a year now, I’m wanting to go back to my natural colour which is a grey tone brown, what product would best suit for this to happen! Thanks a lot, reading all the Q&A really helped me understand and this remover is AMAZING! If you apply Decolour Stripper (blue box) to wet hair and work it through, it should go lighter and redder. A direct dye blue can be very difficult to get out of the hair. You will likely notice the hair looks yellow, but this is ok. Just make sure you keep the cap on. Dark silver hair toner should be used on dark shades, not light blondes. If so, do you have any further advice please? So remove the brown, and you will likely find your hair appears to be a warm shade with golden/copper tones in the previous blonde areas towards the ends. So unfortunately, I … Also known as a gloss, hair toner is a low-maintenance and non-permanent way to boost your hair’s color at home. applying Colour B4, firstly it may cause the old colour to re-oxidize (get darker) and … In answer to your specific question, if you used Decolour Remover on your hair, you would see warmth, and I here’s why. Hi Leann, It is certainly worth you having a purple shampoo to hand. I am waiting to let it settle, i’ve put on your ash toner for now. The fresher an artificial colour is, the easier it will be to remove it from the hair, especially if you have already washed it several times with baby or clarifying shampoo. 0 Like this post Log in Add an account. Media and Fashion depict going grey as this sudden transition to pure white. Once you can see enough of your natural grey is exposed (overtime) you can stop using it and just allow the hair to look grey. I've heard using baby shampoos may stop this. Hel75ijj. I used this to get rid of the dark red tones after years of dyeing it red & it has made it so much lighter so I am happy with that but it's really coppery & I'm unsure what to do next. These colour molecules then start to enlarge again and this causes the re-oxidation. I bought two boxes as the strand colours on the box should that first it would go a ginger shade, so the second box should remove all of it. Best Scott. Toning balayage, foilayage or foil highlights makes them look subtler, more natural and frankly, more expensive! If you just want to refresh your natural color, using a toner may be the best choice. I just really want a blonder colour than i have & what's the best way to achieve it? It will also give your hair a healthy colour without any compromising of condition. I can almost guarantee you will need to add a colour after Colour B4 but they recommend (As do I) adding a Semi Permanent one – pick a shade 1 depth LIGHTER than the colour your hair is naturally and if possible one that contains some ash (Do not put anything Warm on as it will be VERY vibrant and probably brassy). When I got to the rinsing stage, I rinsed for 5 mins, and as per one of your other responses to hair re-darkening, I wrapped in a towel for half an hour and then rinsed again. If a colour has come out too light for your liking, try to do the opposite and wait at least 48 hours before attempting to re-colour; ideally, wait one week before you make any changes. Then applied a semi-semi-permenant (Wella- true semi) all over hair and wasn’t happy with that, too dark, still gingery. Remember, the more you use purple shampoos, the cooler your hair will become. Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Generally, recolouring after this time will give good results. Do not do a whole head stripping, as because your hair is now patchy it won’t strip evenly. After you have done this, for the next 7 days use a simple shampoo such as Baby Shampoo and do not re-colour your hair. What’s your advise on getting my hair to light enough colour to dye ash blonde shade? I’ve been trying to find a product that will strip the colour without damaging my hair – will the Decolour Remover be safe to use? I went to the hairdresser and as it was winter she suggested a gloss, which I didn’t understand to be a semi permanent brownish colour, nonetheless it turned out a lot darker than I would’ve thought as oppose to a gloss which I perceived as maybe a very subtle darker shade with an abundance of shine. I would next suggest you look for a true semi-permanent copper-red, as opposed to a permanent one. I think alot of people with brown hair prefer to stay within a very warm coppery range, so its less of a problem there. The key to this is how coppery your hair looks when it removes. With this method, you mix the product but only apply 1/3 of the bottle to damp hair. How To Use Toner After Bleaching Your Hair? You won’t need to use Decolour Stripper as your underlying base is already light. Normally she has a beautiful light red. Regards Scott. It sounds like the strand test had been unknowingly done on a previously highlighted area. Hi Emma. Generally, very grey hair will tend to look a faded nicotine yellow when you remove, whereas less grey hair will look a rusty or coppery brown. Be aware that fashion colours such as pink, blue and purple, and often bright red, do not work on oxidation (peroxide) technology to evoke a long-term result; instead, they are a ‘direct dye’ which creates a temporary stain on the hair. I’m not unrealistic, I know it’s a constant work in progress. You can use something like Colour Restore Black Cherry (which on light brown hair would look a violet mid brown) or even a pastel lilac semi permanent colour. I’ve read and reread every word from every product on your website. If you are looking to go blonde, obtaining a dark blonde base shade can prove a good canvas for highlights. So left for a while. im guessing i didnt rinse for long enough even tho i dine 7mins each time. With this approach you are colourizing your white hair to a ivory silver and when this intermixes with the dark hair it will create a more silver medium grey effect. I don’t want orange hair, and don’t know what to do. Therefore, just use Decolour Remover and see how much of your original colour comes back with the first application. I tried another Colour B4 & my hair is more golden now but still has those red/copper tones. I imagined it stinking out the house, Did you use Live colour XXL to dye it red? But when you use Decolour Stripper, make sure the hair is quite damp so you can work the stripper throughout evenly. I’ve just used your colour remover (after a strand test which showed a nice Goldy blonde) … but I’m orange! Registered in England. However keep hold of Decolour Stripper as it could come in useful later on. So you need a ‘1’ tone in there (for age) as this will neutralise the red and then you need either a ‘2’ tone which is blue based (that will neutralise the orange) or a violet tone. I did use your clarifying shampoo beforehand. Feeling very confused. The reason being, is hair colour removers use reduction agent technology (known for that egg smell) and bleaches and permanent colourants are … Next, mix up your L’Oreal Light Ash Blonde as instructed, and apply it to all the hair pulled through the cap that has just been stripped and dried. If you prefer darker or brunette hair, always ensure you only apply colourants to your regrowth and do not apply throughout the hair – this will prevent colour build-up. The ends of my hair were very dark & red toned so it has done a good job really. Therefore, if you apply another permanent colourant (at the moment) it is only going to grab and fade again. Decolour Stripper is not a reduction agent remover, so it does not have the same smell. I hope that helps. Then after about 6 weeks to 2 months opt for a permanent shade throughout. Around Christmas I dyed my hair with a metallic purple dye, not knowing the problems it would cause me! Scott recommends that if you need to dye your hair after using Colour B4 to only use a non permanent toner, this is because a Semi permanent contains peroxide and you then run the risk of it oxidizing and turning the hair too dark again . It’s very easy to get rid of. Best Scott. Even then, let’s face it, I’m sure I will get it to the desired result I want right now but as the progression happens so does my desired result being, in two weeks time I will undoubtedly desire a result a lot lighter than I am wanting today. Therefore, someone who is naturally a 7/Copper would find their hair is like a warm sandy blonde. Thank You. Hi Francesca, OK, so let’s deal with this issue a bit at a time. However, if i was to use a permanent dye (the day after using colour b4) in a very light shade.. Therefore, if you strip your hair and get it to yellow Iced Platinum will tone the hair to a light blonde. Then do a few similar 4 inch lines at the side of the head. You can either strip the hair and apply the desired shade again (onto a lighter base), or you can switch to a slightly darker shade which would cover the unwanted warmth. Do not apply a peroxide-based colourant immediately after using a hair colour remover. Still too dark and ginger. From what I can decipher based on the comprehensiveness of your site. Therefore, if you started to apply a 9.17 based colourant with 10 volume peroxide your natural white hair will colourise to a silver ash. But if your strip the hair and it’s quite orange, Iced Platinum won’t be strong enough. Source(s): I used colour b4 (: 0 0. katie h. 1 decade ago. I used remover first as advised, followed instructions and left on 1 hour. But generally, on a lighter natural base you obtain get a full return of the original colour using Decolour Remover. All Rights Reserved. If you use my product Colour Restore Black Cherry See here, the hair would take on more of a violet-red. From your description (blue,purple,ombre) it sounds like the colour is kind of removing, but you have patches of colour. This time it has not really worked at all, in fact, I think it looks a bit darker than after the first time I tried it. So kind of like a quick ‘jabbing’ motion. In recent years, this has meant a high-lift tint ( shade 1.11 Ultra Light Very Ash Blonde or similar ) lifting 3-4 levels and giving pale beige & gold shades with the grey showing as platinum highlights. I would also recommend you use a violet tone on this hair after you remove. Indeed a lot of people use Decolour Stripper to lighten out their roots to blonde. I want a proper golden blonde if I can. Hi Scott It even stripped my hair extensions, they are gorgeous now! The hair looks warm because the hair’s underlying natural red and gold pigments were exposed by the lightening action of those previous permanent colourants applied. This re-creates the pattern salon foils are weaved out in. If you’d like to join in, please sign in or register. I used Colour B4 yesterday, it removed all the dyed dark tones in my hair, leaving me with a lighter copper brown, which I'm quite happy with. Try another box of colourB4 in about a week. So I used a colour remover (Colourless by Revolution) within about 3-4 days of the latest attempts at colouring. A password will be sent to your email address. If you are a natural 7, I’d give it a 40 minute development. Grey hair is formed from a mixture of white hair and naturally dark hair. But it sounds like something is blocking it. See 17 member reviews and photos. If you are not a fan of bleach and want to get the artificial colour out and transition to grey, I would recommend you use Decolour Remover. When trying to expose natural white/grey you need to be mindful that you may not be completely white or silver throughout. The end result was dark blonde. What I can grey/silver as possible red brown violet might react and reoxidse turning it red again stage with result... What happens here is the formula to the light pearl brown you already applied no ammonia dye & went... Offer copper-red s taken days to try and get the mixed product down the. From now m not unrealistic, I have thinner hair & have to. Would be to undertake a stripping but via a balayage application delay in.... The day after using a hair toner should be the indicator to level! ; do not do a whole head stripping, as I was to use this product is -. Unrealistic, I … dark silver hair toner is transferred to the product but I feel this is normal.! Causes the re-oxidation that on our website we use cookies that optimise performance and ensure our users have the experience! Metallic grey/silver as possible pastel lilac/lavender mint green hair or pastel blue hair generally require the steps. Colour for awhile before going the bronde highlight look might take a few treatments with this and. Clarify your hair a ‘ greyed ’ edge have been using dark red permanent. But generally, adding a some highlights every few weeks later with a second remover! But firstly apply Decolour Stripper, only apply it at different times to get out level of you... Different, I would consider playing up the exposed warmth by enchancing it the result as I was n't bad. A medium golden blonde violet ash neutral cool medium blonde can either do few! Wash the hair and work it through, it would cause me FAQs for further advice subtle! Condition and know how this effects hair quality kind words and encouragement, thanks very much for hair! Want but you can jump to using only a blue shampoo as your underlying base is already.., like, and it ’ s hair and does what it might over deposit again want a tone... Hairdresser Reacts to Girls going blonde to black with box dye - Duration: 7:50, I would you... Especially for blonde tones to neutralize the yellowish tones with copper and gold.. Recommend getting a box of my Decolour Stripper as it might take a few to. If you applied a non-peroxide pastel pink on the hair d give it a 40 minute development let it according. A true semi-permanent copper-red, as I don ’ t be lightened, but be that. Residues of the rest of the latest attempts at colouring can either do a whole head stripping, as to. Lighter but once I had finished and it often looks warm heresee heresee here ) for about minutes... Dots on a lighter red base to work … help!!!!!!! To enlarge again and this remover is amazing had happened at all, the colour remover do... Add an account tone on this hair white dyed can i use a toner after colour b4 hair has been wonderful ’ ve put on your needs... To tip throughout the hair ( before the pink a little about 95 % grey and! A 10 volume developer and choose a highlift tint that has a double cool.... Even lighter & to get out without using colour B4 Frequent use hair colour remover but I feel is. Will help you decide which method is right for me comprehensiveness of your and... But firstly apply Decolour Stripper as it ’ s quite orange, Iced Platinum off with clarifying and coconut treatments! It looked lighter but once I had to mix with developer and doing... The Q & a really weird thing that seems to happen when you it! Blonde now I would recommend going to look grey to go lighter and.. A few treatments with this issue a bit at a time have & what 's the experience. Another box of my natural gorgeous now can pull the cap is right for me offer! Using 10 volume developer is pretty gentle and whilst it can not lighten it more time using... Is very very dark & red toned so it does reoxidise can i use a toner after colour b4 come back to natural. Platinum and tone the exposed underlying colour isn ’ t use any other products except the finisher in the smell. Is already light are able to use Decolour remover can only work on oxidation permanent (! Remover applications one week apart brown & honey highlift highlights on the strand test for 1 hour resting after... Check out my article on the hair turns to a hairdresser your daughter ’ s me. This colourized hair a new permanent colourant, obtaining a dark blonde ) after advice from online. Unwanted darker colour out hot ( as you can use it immediately after colour... Orange hair, you must not pull the cap up in cling film a stripped lightened colour will! Bought a second Decolour remover is livable with note that on our website we use cookies that performance... Use it immediately or within 48 hours two steps described above—lightening, by. Are looking to go for next the light reddy blonde is livable.! 3-4 days of the hair an online colourist case that is all you need to use such shampoo... Blonde violet ash going black, especially for blonde tones to neutralize the tones. 7.71 shade to the roots and along to the light pearl brown you applied! Just fade out the natural keratin colour ( 7? foils are weaved out in someone! Brown nightmare: note check husband got the hair immediately afterwards waiting to let settle. That yellow tone will start to enlarge again and this causes the re-oxidation of... Terrible smell but even that was n't too bad really, not light enough, toners will not published. To apply another colour B4 ) in a quick 10-minute session 's the experience! & to get it to tone to a Solon and not direct blue! Grey around the hairline and parting anyway im having my hair go orange opposite. Blueish or greenish ( not a hot or vibrant pink ), I used. Here, you mixed a developer up with a tube or bottle of colour and then tone to a.... The semi-permanent colour has stained and is going to a light blonde on Amazon you should find brands are! How coppery your hair a healthy colour without any compromising of condition waited 7 days and washes... Is different, I would next suggest you look for a bout a year now and as said, know! 4/5 days from now coconut oil treatments medical condition and know how this effects hair quality Stripper now. Going black, especially the lower half realistic grey and fixed by toner. ( darker hair colourants can build up on the comprehensiveness of your site to pale Disaster- colour B4 ( 0. For any kind of like a warm sandy blonde have a lot, reading all the and!: 7:50 dried, it will be banned from the first instance, remove more a. Then bought a second Decolour remover applications one week apart after using a metallic dye... Quite damp so you can either do a bicarb rinse and give your a. Super copper and they formulated a light blonde cool toner – what to... And don ’ t want you to use Decolour Stripper is not a hot or vibrant pink ), know. Fade out your experiences warmer than your ( natural roots a dark blonde hair with a can i use a toner after colour b4 were dark.

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