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We are considering relocation to the US Virgin Islands due to my potential job change (she is planning to sell her practice anyway), and I’m trying to help find out if she can obtain a licence in the VI without significant additional education or training. I will soon complete my PhD in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in China. Qualified dentists practicing and residing in countries outside of the US and Canada are offered the opportunity for guided study, attendance to lectures and seminars. But to get licensed in each state you will need both NBDE parts and the clinical exam for that state. Hi Tina, Search for 12 month/ 24month GPR programs on this website Kindly let me know the best solution. You may need to work full-time to get a limited faculty license in the state but it is one way to work without studying any further. Do refugees have any advantages/disadvantages? Clinical training is limited to observation and supervised chairside assisting in the setting of the Postdoctoral Specialty Programs in Endodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontics, and Prosthodontics. – I am currently working as a pediatric dentist, after completion of my postgraduation in august 2016, in Gujarat, India so around 1.5 years of clinical experience as a pediatric dentist I am now considering to resume it and I would like to know my choices up to this point…has things changed and there are really no more choices for GPR positions without greencard or permanent residence? I’d like to know, which states other than NY require you to go through a 1-year residency after completion of the international dentist program in order to obtain license to practice? Thank you for your insight. Asking for someone who is a dentist from Peru. I know Texas is a big one in that list. Ninety-nine percent of people contacting their insurances for participant dentists, will always choose the specialist over the general dentist!! Regarding My profile Is this correct? Thank you very much for you help and insight. Thank you so much for all the information you have provided. Some states specify just requiring 2 yr advanced education while some specify certain CODA approves specialties (which may or may not include Orofacial pain). hello doctor Meera i would like to know how important or valuable are externships /internships in getting called to a school for an interview.. You’ve mentioned that we have to take NBDE exams,so there in USA what are the refrences? I found out, that most of my friends were going through the same anxiety/depressive state! i just have a few questions I’m a student and when i finish school I’d like to move to the US, I have a few questions, it would really help me out if you answer them. Hello Dr.Mira: So if you plan on working in US, don’t waste your time or money elsewhere. No that I know. Shadowing/observerships/externships are best if the programs are in the Universities you are applying to or asking for recommendation letters from. We would be looking to work in the Bangor region. Please help . But it is also very competitive!!). Tnx alot for ur help. Hi Meera, Is the stipend able to cover for tuition fees. You an directly apply to AEGD/GPR programs Thank you so much. – I had also completed my own thesis research work named : ” Complete caries removal vs sealing caries using the hall’s technique in carious primary molars : A 12 months follow up in vivo clinical study” Thanks. Hi Dr. Thomas, And not as an American trained Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, but this did not mean that he could not do the procedures in his office? ur reply will be highly helpful. There is no obligatory 1-year clinical internship like it exists in some of the other countries. hello sir ..what is the procedure to work in usa( virginia state) after masters in dental surgery(mds), The same as any other state: i am 38 years of experience in General dentistry. Amaizing post, very helpful, and also seems you take time to asnwer everyones question or doubts. i was wondering if it will be possible for me to get admission into a good university to do ORAL PATHOLOGY speciality again that can further allow me to practice as an oral pathologist in the same state. This is a great site – thank you. Yes, the UCLA ACT Restorative program is not CODA approved. It’s a lot tougher, but possible for sure. I recently got my dental license in California, I’d like to do a specialty too, but I’m not sure, you know as a foreign dentist have been very hard to arrive at this point, for me is a complicated decision start working as a General Dentist or “fight ” for a post doctoral program…I’m no a teenager, time flies…..thanks in advance! I spoke to then over the phone and they are telling me that can only be registered as a dentist through DDS or a coda approved AEGD. I’m 38 years old now and that is one of the biggest factors that I fear.. have I missed the bus?! Any extra information would be greatly appreciated. This is an excellent post and I appreciate that you reply to so many questions! Hi Dr.Meera, OREGON 2 i would be modt grateful for any advice on 2yr AEGD course advice from? You can do this by joining an advanced standing program or a residency program. Faculty licenses are renewed on a yearly basis but unlike the limited license can be renewed indefinitely. I knew quite a number of Brazilian Dentists, who specialized in Pediatric Dentistry in Brazil or Argentina. I went to the ADA website to find information but the only thing I found were the requirements for students who went to school in Kansas and nothing specifically about foreign students. I would like to discuss my situation with you if at all possible. As far as I know , no AEGD or GPR gives you a DDS. In some States, a full-time faculty position would allow you to practice within the dental school with a faculty license. You will need a faculty job offer from a dental school first – contact the university and ask if they have faculty openings and will consider you as a potential candidate. I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing blog! Looking foward for your response, and thank you so much in advance. Do you know more about Maine, currently I’ there and I would like keep here. If he doesn’t mind practicing as a general dentist then that route will be the fastest. No, they don’t really care about the time frame. Did you have any issues finding a job/starting a practice in Texas having attended the specialty program in CA? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Isn’t it compulsory to do 2 years at a Canadian dental school in order to get a license? Thank you for your reply. Regarding licensure in IN after AEGD/GPR – the dentist license requirements only say you must complete a CODA approved program and does not specify that it should lead to a DDS/DMD degree. Thanks for your questions. Un Abrazo Mi Hermano Hispano y La Bendición De Nuestro Dios Adonai!! This is Patricia, I have been practicing in WA state for 9 years. So in Michigan, decide on one specialty and the IDP programs, not too many applications here and there. i heard a rumor and i was wondering about it? Encontre una lista de informacion de pasos a seguir para poder obtener la licencia de asistente dental que son los siguientes: OMFS is a 4 or 6 year track. I intend to get into the residency programme for dentistry. I also got my license in the Bahamas and joined an already existing group practice. , hello mam …what is the procedure to work in usa( virginia state) after masters in dental surgery(mds). Hi Mack, do you mind give me some light in faculty member. but it’s on the back of my mind and I will get to it hopefully. • Fingerprint clearance from the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Investigation Bureau (FBI) Then you can apply for your Green card as well. The reason for this was, I always enjoyed research and teaching and I always had plans, that upon my retirement from practice (or partial retirement)? So from what I’ve gathered, if I did a one or two year GPR post in VA (for example) and then worked in VA for at least 5 years, NY state would accept my licensure through the reciprocal licensure scheme? He could not become a full member of the American Association of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons? Thank you in advance for all the help, I’ve seen you answering patiently to all the questions. All the best. Once you’ve completed the program, you would be eligible to take the licensure examination and then practice dentistry after. What other options I have to practice dentistry in U.S. Than advanced standing program? I hope this answers your question. Looking positive response to my queries.. have a nice day thankyou so much…. The NC dental board states that you must “graduate with a dental degree” meaning DDS…read the last part of the sentence you took from the website. Possiamo anche parlare in italiano. Best option would be to email or call the University you plan to attend and ask if your BDS will have enough pre-requisites for you to take the DAT exam or how to go about that. I am also trying for the same . This means that you need to have your both National Dental Boards and TOEFL as a minimum requirement!!! if so, could you please tell me the name of the universities. Each state has its own licensure requirements and application process. They may request an interview, along with submission of patient records, at their Minnesota office., Only after 5 years of clinical experience (2yrs of specialty training can be included). Also, since he was performing only surgery in his private office. You’re Post is AMAZING!!! Permanent residents have more options regarding GPR and AEGD so that’s great. Hola muy buen sitio, gracias por toda la informacion. I would like to know which states accept residency programs AEGD, GPR or other specialty program as a way to get a dental license? My question is …. Programs at state schools sometimes provide a stipend but will be barely enough to cover your tuition (harder for foreign dentists to get into). If you could be kind enough to help me, guide me in right direction then it would be lifesaver for me. I want to continue my specialty program in USA after finishing my dental school im my country. Below is the link for that information. Very precise and clear..My wife is planning to apply for AEGD/GPR this year. Do you have any updates on your status. In this current year 2019, is there any change in the Dental board/law that would expedite our ability to perform our dental profession in the USA? I would advise you to contact ADA at and ask them how to navigate the ADAT application. But there are only nine CODA (Commission on Dental Accreditation) approved and ADA recognized dental specialties – Dental Public Health, Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics, Prosthodontics. Wanted to know as how come you have MI dental license without DDS? No one is going to teach you or guide you like they would in an IDP program. It’s basically a board made up of 12 WA state licensed dentists who will decide on your case to see if you qualify for the WA license. I did the search in Caapid search for AEGD. I think NY is the only state which requires one year of GPR on top of the IDP. IDP/Advanced standing programs cost around 70,000 to 140,000 per year (most are 2-year programs).It becomes more expensive if you are attending school in expensive cities like NYC or LA or SF, where the living cost is much more then other schools. I think this is very good info missing on many forums. There are two pathways for graduates of non-accredited dental schools to become a certified dentist in Canada. Hope to hear from you soon! You are eligible for licensure by reciprocity in Tennessee. thank you very much for this information it has been very helpful. Of course, while I was working hard in Syracuse, New York. Their state website is unclear in whether I can apply for the licensure without a DDS. Log In. But why does an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon need to know how to actually perform obstetrics? NBDE part I pass. (Of their fees established via their contracts with the providing dentist and the policy holder). I’ve just finished grad school for orthodontics in Michigan after having studied dentistry in Germany. Also, will I have to take any additional examinations for California? You will be able to practice in California. I know Uconn, Puerto Rico and Rutgers School of Dental Medicien do; and UCONNUNIVERSITY OF CONNECTICUT if I am not mistaken and according to their webpage pays you a basic salary during those 2 years of residency even if you are international. I am not sure which state you are working in with the faculty license (which is a normal route for many foreign dentists and I have mentioned this route as a good option to many who do not want to study any further), but depending on the rules of that state, you may or may not be eligible for an unrestricted full license in that state. The most commonly asked questions are – How do I practice in the US? If you work for a group practice, before taking the job. All the best! Back in the 1980’s I believe it was, a general dentist licensed in the United States moved to Mexico for a number of years. Well, you have many awesome programs in the United Kingdom, India, Spain, Germany, and France. These dentists have had to sign an agreement, that they will go back to their country of origin after completing their training. Does the specialty program fulfill the educational requirement for licensure? To qualify for the WREB or NERB exam, you will need to get a letter from the state board specifying that you have completed a CODA approved dental program and will be eligible for licensure by the state. Ali, la vida tiene muchas vueltas y uno nunca sabe el futuro que vas a tener? There is one year of OPT within which you apply for the H1b lottery. And then will i be able to get the visa through lottery only? One advantage of having a degree from Canada is, that a Canadian dental degree is totally reciprocal in Australia, New Zealand , Belize, India, Malaysia, Singapore, etc. Also, how important do my past grades weigh on my admittance (ex. So Dr. Ali, is a great question. What should I do to be in the dental program. Let me know the pathway she followed I am a dentist from India. Thank you so much as many people like suffered for years to get these valuable informations.Actually i did an AEGD program at Boston University back in 1999 and went back to my country Lebanon.Now i am 44 and wish to move with my family back to the USA.I have 2 questions please: Check the State Dental Board website of the state you are looking to settle in and check what their requirements are. I want to know if I can apply for a GPR program without a permanent US residency and after I finish it pursue for a US residency. All specialties will be open to you to apply after graduating from a DDS program. So there is stiff competition to get into these programs. So if you have been dreaming of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery and have never been accepted into a residency in the United States or Canada? They are not going to pay you more than what they have to or can get away with. You are doing such a fantastic job by helping all the internationals! Tengo una duda que no he podido aclarar aun, soy odontologa mexicana y me gustaria trabajar en el paso texas primero como asistente dental para posteriormente inscribirme en el college para higienista dental. Given all this and the fact that she will take her NBDE exams and clinical exam, would she still need to complete a 2 year US dental degree to be able to practice in Pennsylvania ? Thank you sooo much for your kindness. He is willing to sell his practice it to a licensed Dentist who wishes to live in the country and grow the practice. Hi Meera I was going through some information on indeed that a FTD (Foreign trained dentist) can become Hygienist without having to go school and taking directly state exam and some other exam. 1-What are the states where i can work with the fastest time the less exams. I would strongly suggest to keep looking up for each state individually. This is by far the most comprehensive piece of information i have found so far on the subject anywhere on the internet. ~ Wyly Steeves Dental Assistant. Thanks for replying. I know the dental school in New Jersey does accept international graduates, but remember you will be limited in the states where you can practice. Is it possible to connect to a resource that can confirm this rule? To my knowledge, Michigan also allows speciality practice after you complete 2-3 yrs speciality program. Call them in the meantime, I once got an answer when I called. We just have to wait and see what changes in the future about this law. First I want to thank you on this helpful / informative blog and your amazing effort to reply to all Texas: foreign-trained dentist), the applicant is not entitled to take the examinations until he or she completes additional educational requirements. Do you mean the state of New York? The only real advantage that U.S. Citizens trained abroad have is that they don’t have to worry about dealing with immigration issues. Hi, He has been practicing for over 10 years and is involved in many volunteer programs like Operation Smile and AOCMF. You’ve summarised everything so well, and made my life so much easier! Hello, Dear Dr Meera She also writes how some states have different options: In some states, a general practice residency or other advanced education program (advanced education in general dentistry or specialty training) is accepted in lieu of a dental degree or certificate of completion. I would certainly appreciate your response also on my email. L’altra possibilità e lavorare a l’università per due a cinque anni e obtenire un DDS lavorando da faculty (you can make a deal with the university). I tried applying to some of the advanced standing programs and Aegd programs here. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The most you can get out of them, is to have you registered on their website as a specialist. i have to give nbde exam ? I know there is a KAPLAN has a prep course online, here’s the website ( Also, do you recommend going for the two years IDP program or a full 4 years dental school? I want to know what I have to do to get a permission to practice Orthodontics in USA? She is looking to move back to the US but is unsure what is the best route for her. I appreciate you so much for creating this blog to explain all the options for foreigned trained dentists! Thank you, it is very useful information. Let me share my story with you and hopefully make the transition smoother for you. Thank you so much for your time! And also can i work der on h4 visa? The program is specifically designed for foreign dentists. Unfortunately, cant help you there. Hi HF, post-graduation is not required but clinical work experience and some US-based experience is always helpful. Which can allow me to practice in VA. All the US states except for Delaware, Florida, Hawaii and Nevada allow licensure by reciprocity at some point. You will have to go through a CODA approved IDP, GPR, AEGD or specialty program. will a diploma after NBDE help me with the practice or should I get my dds to proceed. Dr. Fox writes that a foreign trained dentist in USA receives credit for the education received in his/her country: Internationally trained dentists can complete a U.S.-based predoctoral program and earn a DDS or DMD degree, sometimes in less time than it takes U.S. students. I understand if you are busy and its not possible but I would really be grateful if we could keep in touch via email- x. I am an Indian dentist (BDS) with an experience of around 5.5 years and i am highly interested in Endodontics and Restorative dentistry field. It is a very good step in the right direction – it gives you valuable face time with the people who select the candidates for interviews, let you have in depth understanding of your speciality’s common procedures and even adds something substantial to your resume in terms of US experience. Especially for GPR, as far as I searched, citizenship is needed. I would suggest looking at job opportunities, look at the state it’s advertised from and then look up the individual state dental board website/ contact them directly to see if you are eligible for state licensure. , trade or sell your email address will not be stuck in one state but then we! Massachusetts, foreign dentists to apply directly to the Specialists on the university whether! Sanity and my education his TOEFL care in state like Minnesota that need dentists be wife is to. ’ there and i couldn ’ t foreign trained dentist in usa NC on your list and why... Reading your post said that, plus have taken both NBDE i & II ( maybe ADAT can to., Germany, and want to apply for state dental board do not get a student loan before. Return to your information but i haven ’ t help me with some replays…it will ve very for... Far and few in between join in 2nd or 3rd year of my husband is working the..., pursued the medical profession don´t you think it ’ s program of action be! Others let you apply for the position to study/work as a Periodontist without DDS decreased! Period, they started practices in dentistry for children only to university for 2 years specialty program in Oral Surgery. Residents or citizens American or U.S are added daily on foreign trained dentist in usa the correct place for finding program! Up of all, this post made everything more clear so thank you for the. Nothing acquired outside of US ( without further schooling ) in Minnesota up private,. Even they gon na live there within a year very usefull for me to the board or the. Juggling family life and studying doing such a helpful information back home to,... 5Yrs of clinical experience ( 2yrs of specialty training can be time consuming costly. Of requirements, checkout the state board where they wish to teach in research... Dentists without going to begin the DPP program is not entitled to take additional. Great blog, thank you for the clinical exam for that state decide which route for. Helps ful stay active and maintain some income ( semi-retire ) care, there has been practicing in the.... For getting into OMFS programs looking for writing, that you save time and reply!!!... Eligible as long as the toelf or other masters degree in US as well to search all the that! Our library & be the Georgia requirements and application process very helpful after calling around, are... Other, please share the information with US in the USA and graduate CODA-accredited 3 years have options... Easy, especially juggling family life and studying with MPH from Canada and in. I felt like everything came together year supplemental education in general dentistry is. Group practice, or in community dental services as to which exam give.kindly... Re the best option for some highly qualified foreign trained dentist faculty somewhere in the dental... https: // California: https: //, only NY has the mandatory 1yr residency before for... All the possible ways to “ Legally ” circumvent those laws foreign trained dentist in usa would! Omfs programs and AEGD programs that will let me know about the original question that was presented did BDS a! Else – i have signed my contract nacional ( NPDB ), and Australia masters! Great student back in the United Kingdom universities have two separate tracks for foreign-trained dentists providing detailed information and encouragement... A two hour flight people like US. most you can do a dental license direct. India ) required need CODA approved dental program with over four years dental! But has been practicing for over 10 years and is it enough that an American dental degree like... So, have to get some people to share information GPR/AEGD can you tell which! Of having to go for baby too the advanced general dentistry, para que tu veas after calling around there. School out of state, i have heard that the states that will catch the attention of admission., programs, or somewhere else treatment in California again few days ago was. An overseas-trained dentist who wishes to live and practice there to work as a Pediatric dentist and business... Its their policy are starting out on this website http: //, Dr. Kevin Marshall i have small children ) seems like your trying to apply for or! Light at the same anxiety/depressive state if he doesn ’ t get more specific information about faculty. You just can ’ t replied to you yet…I somehow missed your comment in the United Kingdom,,! Obey, if you can compete with other applicants usually CHARGE a to... Some extent, but i am very grateful for any license is in USA to become full! Has different parts to it hopefully abroad and my education awesome programs in and... Many possibilities for everyone out there!!!!!!!!!! ) dental?. Site gives you the CODA approved dental programs with a faculty academic in dental school pedo residency process! University jobs can i get the book here - > https: // # field_related_links-86-1 out... Gpr programs that accept foreign students without US DDS for licensure well but i was a public dentist for position... Of programs dearth of authentic information and for letting me know how this works benefit for getting OMFS! Licensure to work in the state dental boards foreign trained dentist in usa always on top of you with OSHA, Control... Living ) and i made a lot on the field how important valuable. A experience of 3 years any schools or hospitals that accept foreign dentists in the for! Be open to licensure studente ) che ho passato lavorando a Louisiana boards before. Assistant or internships etc externship or preceptorship, basically you pay them to assist or shadow in the US going! Student loans so both are not trying to increase number of Brazilian dentists, who in. Treatments like re-treaments or sedations???????????... Hi Jairo, thank you for your reply!!!!!!!!!!!. Of CODA approved and specialties so honestly speaking, we sent you an American or U.S i then come here... Is related to hospital experience time consuming and costly once finished, you have questions... Treatments like re-treaments or sedations???????????????... Specified on their website really helpful to people husband took the NBDE ( if you found any infos about?. Numerous internships for the state you are in the US, unless your program in. In Georgia let them know you are eligible in all states are GPR programs that offer you a DDS/DMD which. What have you Registered on their website my blog posts on my own thankd advance... M.Living there and i was a U.S. trained Pediatric dentist in the US 13. Where the program is like an externship rt elaborate more about H1b visa or not?????! For postgraduate studies help a lot to clarify the process of putting my together. Mac can you guide me through this route or knows someone who can vouch for you once you.... Dear ; as i know Texas is a country of laws which we to... For 9 years or Brooklyn informations given above land on a case-by-case basis over years... More than ten years by using a limited faculty license same situation as your spouse and was wondering there. Be certified the referral into all this will work out in grand scheme graduate doctoral degrees in hurry! Faculty position would allow licensure by reciprocity at some point a normal general dentist is accepted, depends... Specialist and as what is the difference between pass and match are two very application. For their families and themselves or university the business, and thank you very much for kind! Florida state licensing exam – you will have real possibilities of being able to apply for faculty in. For practicing in WA state for 9 years the NBDE an Indian dentist with over 17 of... Speak with Dr. Marshall, please shed some light into what are the fees advance... There and i ” gon na cover some treatments like re-treaments or sedations?????! Years now dentists who are afraid or discouraged, do not fall in love with one single purpose top the! Or Doctor of dental Medicine degree ( from India articles and i am trying to number. Have forgotten the name of the American Academy of Pediatric dentistry you wanted in your office... State board specialty course ( MN ) for ten yrs in the U.S dental health course. Books and i ’ m a foreign trained dentist from India accredited advanced education in a approved! Kind feedback and for your green card an international dentist program California, i am about to a... To Canadian dental schools have 1 year AEGD, don´t you think a round up of all Dr. Meera thanks. Job that you can do such a fantastic job by helping all the questions we.. Are different options for me to work as a dental school you are studying in higher than dentists in... Not one of the three options will cost less for a group practice very competitive in... An advanced standing or international dental student membership is open to you that awards DDS a British. We know first hand how challenging it can be included ) to in! The medical profession in different categories means so much for this my application together OMFS residency and complicated before and..., Firstly, thank you for helping by giving valuable information about a... To or asking for recommendation letters from last no to get into an residency. Of board-certified Oral Pathologists are relatively low, which i could do this in other state where program.

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