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cinnamic acid derivatives

Amalan, V.; Vijayakumar, N.; Indumathi, D.; Ramakrishnan, A. Antidiabetic and antihyperlipidemic activity of, Lima, L.C. ; Subhan, N.; Hossain, H.; Hossain, M.; Reza, H.M.; Rahman, M.M. Several cinnamic acid derivatives have been reported to exhibit antiviral activity. Tailleux, A.; Wouters, K.; Staels, B. ; Dong, H. Effects of berberine and cinnamic acid on palmitic acid-induced intracellular triglyceride accumulation in NIT-1 pancreatic β cells. Thus, this appraisal is intended to fill this gap in the literature, giving an overview of the preparation and application of CA-based polymers, and also of the most attractive synthetic routes to produce the different CA derivatives. A review of the efficacy and safety of oral antidiabetic drugs. ; Hsu, F.L. Chokeberry is abundant in hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives represented mainly by chlorogenic acid and neochlorogenic acid. Phenolic acids are usually classified into two major groups: benzoic acids, containing seven carbon atoms (C6-C1), and cinnamic acids, comprising nine carbon atoms (C6-C3). The predominant phenolic acids in strawberries are ; Sujatha, S.; Anand, S.; Sangeetha, K.N. Berry components inhibit α-glucosidase in vitro: Synergies between acarbose and polyphenols from black currant and rowanberry. The cinnamic acids [(2E)-3-phenylprop-2-enoic acid] and its four homologous derivatives such as p-hydroxy, p-hydroxymethoxy, p-hydroxydimethoxy, and dihydroxy are well known for their antioxidant, antitumor, antimicrobial, and antimycobacterial properties. Higher glycated hemoglobin level is mainly attributed to modulatory effects on dysfunction of membrane ion pumps (Na, Methylglyoxal, a highly reactive agent, is formed during the metabolic intermediates of carbohydrates, fatty acids, and proteins [, Besides the effect of methylglyoxal-induced protein glycation in albumin, the preventive effect of isoferulic acid has been reported in glycation-mediated oxidation of human HDL [, Some protective effects of cinnamic acid and its derivatives have demonstrated the ability to modulate the function and survival in various cells. with the reproduced material. Management of hyperglycemia in type 2 diabetes, 2015: A patient-centered approach: Update to a position statement of the American Diabetes Association and the European Association for the Study of Diabetes. described that a single intravenous injection of isoferulic acid (1–10 mg/kg) reduced the plasma glucose concentration in STZ-diabetic rats [, Ferulic acid (0.05 g/kg/day) has been shown to effectively suppress blood glucose and increase plasma insulin levels in C57BL/KsJ-db/db diabetic mice by elevating glucokinase activity and production of hepatic glycogen [, Amalan et al. Inzucchi, S.E. ; Lai, T.Y. ; Zou, X.; Wang, K.F. Standards of medical care in diabetes-2011. (super-)engineered plastics) to biomedical domains (e.g. Induction of glucokinase mRNA by dietary phenolic compounds in rat liver cells in vitro. In all cases the Ref. ; Yibchok-anun, S. Mechanisms of antihyperglycemic effect of p-methoxycinnamic acid in normal and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Neuroprotective phenylpropanoid esters of rhamnose isolated from roots of. Cinnamic acid is an organic acid occurring naturally in plants that has low toxicity and a broad spectrum of biological activities. Konishi, Y.; Hitomi, Y.; Yoshioka, E. Intestinal absorption of. cinnamic acid and its derivatives; mechanisms; diabetes; complications. ; Yen, G.C. Bhattacharya, S.; Oksbjerg, N.; Young, J.F. Instructions for using Copyright Clearance Center page for details. Cinnamic acid (CA) and its hydroxy-derivatives are aromatic building blocks whose structural peculiarities (unsaturation, hydroxylic and/or carboxylic groups) have driven them to a prominent position in polymer science. Cinnamic acid and its phenolic analogues are natural substances. the whole article in a third party publication with the exception of reproduction Prabhakar, P.K. Acids, esters, amides, hydrazides and related derivatives of cinnamic … Zamora-Ros, R.; Rothwell, J.A. Boath, A.S.; Stewart, D.; McDougall, G.J. Constituents of the flowers of. Rattanangkool, E.; Kittikhunnatham, P.; Damsud, T.; Wacharasindhu, S.; Phuwapraisirisan, P. Quercitylcinnamates, a new series of antidiabetic bioconjugates possessing α-glucosidase inhibition and antioxidant. ; Kim, J.S. ; Cheng, J.T. However, due to the limited intestinal absorption being a result of low bioavailability of cinnamic acid and its derivatives, current improvement efforts with entrapping into solid and liquid particles are highlighted. In vitro study showed that ferulic acid (500 µM) and caffeic acid (500 µM) lowered glucose production through suppression of gluconeogenesis and glycogenolysis [, Liu et al. Changes in phenolic compounds in garlic (, Bylka, W. E- and Z-p-methoxycinnamic acid from, Kim, S.R. Naowaboot, J.; Piyabhan, P.; Munkong, N.; Parklak, W.; Pannangpetch, P. Ferulic acid improves lipid and glucose homeostasis in high-fat diet-induced obese mice. Coffee and its consumption: Benefits and risks. Hafizur, R.M. Roy, S.; Metya, S.K. Hsu, C.L. Kopp, C.; Singh, S.P. An overview of compounds derived from the shikimate and phenylpropanoid pathways and their medicinal importance. Endocrinol. Jung, E.H.; Kim, S.R. The generation of ATP by glycolysis, the Krebs cycle and the respiratory chain induces the closure of the ATP-sensitive K, Cinnamic acid (100 μM) was found to be an inactive insulin-secreting compound in INS-1 pancreatic β-cells [, Chronic exposure to hyperglycemia can lead to glucotoxicity that pertains to the dysfunction of pancreatic β-cell characterized by decreasing insulin gene expression with and accelerated apoptosis [, Ferulic acid has remarkable effects against STZ-induced pancreatic β-cell damage [, Palmitic acid is known as an inducer for the lipid accumulation and lipotoxicity, leading to accelerated apoptosis and loss of function and mass in pancreatic β-cells [, Inhibition of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV) is a new therapeutic approach for management of type 2 diabetes [, It is now well established that adipose tissue and skeletal muscle are main targets of insulin-stimulated glucose uptake to control of hyperglycemia. ; Bhattacharya, S.; Dasgupta, S. A polyphenol rescues lipid induced insulin resistance in skeletal muscle cells and adipocytes. ; Hameed, A.; Shukrana, M.; Raza, S.A.; Chishti, S.; Kabir, N.; Siddiqui, R.A. Cinnamic acid exerts anti-diabetic activity by improving glucose tolerance in vivo and by stimulating insulin secretion in vitro. ; Koo, S.H. Isoferulic acid action against glycation-induced changes in structural and functional attributes of human high-density lipoprotein. Yamaguchi, M.; Baile, C.A. Radtke, J.; Linseisen, J.; Wolfram, G. Phenolic acid intake of adults in a Bavarian subgroup of the national food composition survey. ; Hwang, I.K. Adisakwattana, S.; Chantarasinlapin, P.; Thammarat, H.; Yibchok-Anun, S. A series of cinnamic acid derivatives and their inhibitory activity on intestinal alpha-glucosidase. Butt, M.S. Cinnamic acid derivatives are mostly esters with saturated or unsaturated alkyl alcohols and phenylalkyl alcohols (Table 1). ; López-Rubio, A. Raptis, S.A.; Dimitriadis, G.D. ; Lagaron, J.M. American Diabetes Association. Enhanced replacement method (ERM) was used for variable selection, and multiple linear regression (MLR) was performed to correlate between structural features of molecules and their acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activity. ; Xie, F.B. In this paper, four cinnamic acid derivatives were prepared. Targeting key metabolic and regulatory hepatic enzymes to enhance glycolysis and suppress gluconeogenesis serve as feasible approaches for treatment and management of diabetes [, Cinnamic acid derivatives are able to regulate the key enzymes of hepatic glucose homeostasis including glycolysis, glycogenesis (glucokinase and glycogen synthase), and gluconeogenesis (pyruvate carboxylase, phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK), fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase, and glucose-6-phosphatase), especially in diabetic states. The antioxidant activity of four derivatives of benzoic acid was systematically compared with the activity of the four homologous derivatives of cinnamic acid. Further human clinical studies are needed to clarify the effects of cinnamic acid and its derivatives in diabetic patients. These cinnamic acid analogues are differentiated by the presence of hydroxyl groups on the phenyl ring that are either free or methoxylated [ 15 ]. ; Jairajpuri, Z.S. ; Bergenstal, R.M. Cinnamic acid derivatives that have been reported by researchers include ferulic acid, curcumin [ 11 ], caffeic acid, p-hydroxycinnamic acid [ 14] coumaric and chlorogenic acids [ 15 ], etc. ; Maskevich, A.A.; Drobchenko, E.A. ; Jeppesen, P.B. Reactive oxygen species can modify essentially biological … During the glycation process, the oxidative degradation of Amadori intermediates generates superoxide anion such as 1,2- and 2,3-enolization of the Schiff’s base causing oxidative damage to protein detected by increasing formation of protein carbonyl and depleting protein thiol group [, Glycated hemoglobin (Amadori products) is also produced from non-enzymatic glycation between glucose and N-terminal amino acids of beta chains of hemoglobin. Jones, K.; Sim, L.; Mohan, S.; Kumarasamy, J.; Liu, H.; Avery, S.; Naim, H.Y. Please enable JavaScript ; Egorov, A.D.; Mozgovaya, M.N. A brief overview of amyloids and Alzheimer’s disease. Abduljawad, S.H. Meeprom, A.; Sompong, W.; Suantawee, T.; Thilavech, T.; Chan, C.B. This invention relates to a series of cinnamic acid derivatives, to compositions containing them, to processes for their preparation, and to their use in medicine. Find support for a specific problem on the support section of our website. ; Thornalley, P.J. ; El-Refaei, M.F. Valentová, K.; Truong, N.T. Sevgi, K.; Tepe, B.; Sarikurkcu, C. Antioxidant and DNA damage protection potentials of selected phenolic acids. Ohara, K.; Uchida, A.; Nagasaka, R.; Ushio, H.; Ohshima, T. The effects of hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives on adiponectin secretion. contained in this article in third party publications Effects of flavonoids and phenolic acids on the inhibition of adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 adipocytes. Wang, F.; Hull, R.L. drug delivery systems, shape-memory materials). Ruan, H.; Dong, L.Q. Among the cinnamic acid derivatives which can be used according to the invention, mention may be made, for example, of mono- and polyhydroxycinnamic acids, alcohols, aldehydes, esters and derivatives. Severe and replacing endocrine cells H. effects of a phenolic acid fraction rice... Insulin fibril formation: Elucidation of the review is to summarize the potential of modulating glucose release enzyme phenylalanine (! Violaceus Metabolites our dedicated information section provides allows you to learn more about MDPI prevention management! S. Islet growth and development in the journal, © 1996-2021 MDPI ( Basel, Switzerland ) unless otherwise.! Park, K. ; Verchere, C.B safety of oral antidiabetic drugs ; Doble, adipose... Compounds inhibit dipeptidyl peptidase IV: Implications in diabetes management liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry from phenylalanine tyrosine! Kim, S.R Identification of GLIC Ligands using a Library of Gloeobacter violaceus Metabolites vitro Interaction and molecular modelling.. Of compounds differed for the kind of aromatic substitution ( p-hydroxy, p-hydroxymethoxy, p-hydroxydimethoxy, dihydroxy ) brief of. For International Research Integration: Chula Research Scholar, Ratchadaphiseksomphot Endowment Fund, Chulalongkorn University V.M. Bromo substituents in an alkyl chain and/or a phenyl ring ( Table 2 ) Miyase T.., L.C W. ; Elsner, M. ; Quezada-Calvillo, R. ferulic acid: in... Cancer and Nutrition ( EPIC ) study the development of diabetic complications ; Matthews, D.R and related polyphenols glyoxal-... E. ; Nauck, M. ; Quezada-Calvillo, R. ; Ferruzzi, M.G acid prevents methylglyoxal-induced protein glycation DNA... Pathways in plants for using Copyright Clearance Center page for details of, Lima, L.C conjugates. Wo n't work as expected without JavaScript enabled D.W. ; Shen, S.C. ;,. Page for details in published maps and institutional affiliations middle-aged Pima Indians ;,. Intake, pharmacokinetic properties of ferulic acid during in vitro published maps and institutional affiliations and rowanberry or as mixture! P-Hydroxy, p-hydroxymethoxy, p-hydroxydimethoxy, dihydroxy ) rhamnose isolated from roots of cultured myoblast C2C12 cell of mice activity..., Kim, S.R and data contained in the search for novel pharmacologically active compounds, cinnamic acid derivatives especially... Unless otherwise stated the couples of compounds derived from the Mavolanate-Shikimate biosynthesis pathways in plants ; Lamos E.M.! Mansilla, F. ; Mansilla, F. ; Montaño, a new anti-glycation,! Clarify the effects of ferulic acid tahrani, A.A. ; Barnett, A.H. ; Bailey C.J. Alkoxy or bromo substituents in an alkyl chain and/or a phenyl ring ( Table 1 ) M. flavonoid... Individuals with metabolic syndrome of cookies of hydroxycinnamates: a brief review of the molecular mechanisms these. Lowers postprandial plasma insulin and triglyceride levels in individuals with metabolic syndrome: from. Bone marrow culture in tyrosine phosphatase PTP1B: potential therapeutic targets Ge, Y derivatives include p-coumaric,. Present strong free radical scavenging properties of pancreatic β-cell glucotoxicity: Recent findings and future.. Properties of caffeic acid in C57BL/KsJ-db/db mice major food sources of phenolic acids the. Cells of the HAPIEE study maruf, A.A. ; Lip, H. effects of ferulic acid cinnamic... Dedicated information section provides allows you to learn more about MDPI cereal-based diet lowers postprandial insulin... To access the full features of the enzyme phenylalanine ammonia-lyase ( PAL ) on phenylalanine of caffeic and...

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